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Tattoo Repair

The team has been trained over the years to repair old tattoos and bring them back alive. They also have been trained to cover up nasty, scratchy and badly made work with a new and beautiful tattoo.

It is not an easy task to create a perfect cover up especially when the skin has been scarred as well. You need to be a true artist to see and know how to use the old tattoo to change it into an amazing new picture. You need to know where to shade over the old lines, which colours cover black, how and where to use light colours, how to use white to cover, how to hide hard core areas of the old tattoo and with what designs and so on.

Nobody needs to be unhappy with a bad tattoo. All you need to do is come and see the team. They will help and advise you, so you can be proud of your new artwork and feel so much better and happier within yourself.

Is it a Spelling Mistake?

That's quite hard to live with, so you can try to get the ink out (if it's just been done recently) using salt & water. Apply a sea salt crust to the area you want to remove as much as you can and ask the tattoo artist to go over the area with the gun dipped in saline solution. The area that you've gone over with the salt should scab up, and the ink should heal out - you can try to pick the scab to help the ink come out.

Identify what is wrong with it.

Wrong colours? Did it turn out messy? Are you getting chronic infections? Whatever the case, you'll need to isolate the problem. This will make it easy when you go to the laser technician to get it fixed. Ask a few artists and notice what they all say.

Explain exactly what you want!

That last thing you want is for someone mess up fixing the tattoo you messed up. Any good artist will know what is wrong as corrections are done all the time. A touch up or correction will most likely be the answer unless is is really bad then it may need to be lasered or covered up.